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Verizon Fios Interview

with Game of Thrones cast

I was tasked with editing the fans' questions.

 SE: Parker Davidson | CD: Chris Bailey

Meow Mix Music Video

My husband and I created a rough mini rap music video for proof of concept. One of my favorite parts is the super subtle product placement. 

Beat: "G6" by Blue Steel from | GIFs: 

Audible Banner Ads

Books might smell better than audiobooks.

But they can't deliver on a spooky Halloween experience quite like Audible can.


Note: We ended up producing our evergreen ads instead. And to that I said       . JK. I am a professional.


 AD: Alison Tremonti | ACD: Neil Hieatt

Folgers Social

When you've been in the coffee game as long as Folgers, you refuse to bend over backwards to get the hipster crowd and coffee snobs to love you. Where others see an outdated brand, we see a brand with YEARS of craft and expertise.


Here's one of my favorite carousel ideas I've ever brought to a brainstorm for 4th of July. (Note: Check out the TV spot our partner agency created for this campaign to hear Folgers' new tone of voice.)

folgers 4th of july copy.png

Porsche Email

Fun fact: When I wrote this I was driving a rusty '99 Nissan Maxima. At one point, it was bouncing around like an old school rap video.

holiday porsche email.png

 AD: Kelly Poorman | CW partner: Elise Ott

Pup-Peroni Social

Dogs have earned the title as "man's best friend" fair and square. However, there is one thing that can throw their loyalty out the back door.

wave with two hands.png

Georgia Natural Gas DM

My dream of working with Kermit the Frog came true. Cross that off the bucket list.

punny headline: me

body copy: GNG

kermit the frog.png

 AD: Joe Farleo | CW partner: Elise Ott

Arby's Letter

Pitcher, Tanner Roark, was chowing down in an Arby's parking lot when he discovered the news that he got traded to the A's. 

arby's letter.png

 Note: I have no idea if Arby's sent my version of the letter. But I had a lot of fun writing it. P.S. If you ever need to research beefy dudes eating beef at work, be careful. The Internet is a wild place.

Arby's Social + Emails

We helped drive traffic to their new craft page with some fun Sonic the Hedgehog paper crafts.


Newsworthy Work 

We made the news! Well okay, so you won't see our faces or names. BUT they are talking about our work. I helped out on mainly Folgers and sometimes Milk-Bone. 

folgers made the news.png

And to anyone wondering why the whitest girl at the company was speaking at a Multicultural Talent Pipeline event...

I asked myself the same question.

They needed somebody, and they needed somebody FAST.


 AD: Alison Tremonti | ACD: Neil Hieatt

Starbucks Email

Here's a healthy habit that's easy to keep

even if you're half asleep.


 AD: Cat Sheehan | CW partner: Zakk Weston


This collision repair center wants to keep the conversation light on social. Dad jokes to the rescue.

carstar joke.png

Nutrish Social

I was a hand model once. What can I say?

I'm a babe with tiny wrists and Olaf arms.

Click the image below to watch the video on Pinterest.

nutrish holiday cat sweater.png

Folgers TikTok

"Drop it like it's hot" was my recommended headline for this post. It was immediately killed by the legal team.

A girl can dream.

MCTP Public Speaking

Anyone who has ever talked to me longer than 15 seconds knows that I'm an introvert. However, on this day, I found myself a mic and stage and just started giving advice to complete strangers.

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